Virtual Data Centers

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Ensuring security, mobility, manageability, quality and reliability of virtualization.

The Data Center is the repository for all organizational intellectual property where mission critical applications are running and downtime can cost an enterprise millions of dollars per minute.

According to industry estimates more than 80 percent of IT budgets are dedicated to sustaining existing application environments within the Data Center, as a consequence there are wide-scale trends to reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by improving Data Center operational efficiencies through server, and storage consolidation. Data Center power and cooling costs are increasing exponentially, in many instances exceeding hardware costs as rising energy prices focus attention on environmental efficiency. For these reasons, and others, virtualization technologies are being deployed to drive efficiency and effectiveness of computing and storage resources.

Security threats to the Data Center are many and varied, they continue to morph and intensify and it is possible for a single vulnerability to imperil a corporation’s viability.

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