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Power Over Ethernet Applications

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What is the best method to deliver power?

As the IEEE 802.3af standard is currently written, there are two methods of providing power to a PoE device. The PSE or power sourcing equipment (the equipment providing power) can be either mid-span or end-span. Based on the standard, there are some clear and distinct differences between the two.

Power over Ethernet Plus (IEEE 802.3at) is a new study group within IEEE. The goals are to determine if gigabit in a mid-span configuration will be recognized, as well as to increase the level of delivered power to allow devices that require up to 30W to be energized over the data cabling. This standard is 2-3 years from being finalized.

At this point, there are several interested vendors and the standard will likely change several times before the publication date. This would, however, allow laptops, higher gain wireless access points, heavier pan-tilt-zoom IP cameras and other devices to utilize data cabling power.

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