Managing Voice over IP for Successful Convergence

Optimizing IT Services to Drive Business Success

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VoIP offers business benefits if the switch is planned exactly and IT does it’s homework.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has much to offer in cost savings through the elimination of redundant networks, IT efficiencies and simplification of moves, adds and changes, as well as productivity enhancements through voice-based, multi-media applications.

One of the concerns that customers have in deploying VoIP is call quality compared to the quality of traditional voice services. Voice quality can be assured if the enterprise takes the right steps by assessing the network for its ability to run converged IP services and managing the network with an eye to

  • end-to-end monitoring
  • quality of service
  • performance of applications and services

CA believes that VoIP is highly viable today as long as it is managed as part of the network it shares with data traffic, under a consolidated QoS umbrella. CA’s eHealth ® Suite is uniquely suited to managing VoIP. It manages voice and data traffic end-to-end, under a unified quality of service (QoS) mechanism. Its extensive QoS services can manage large numbers of service level agreements (SLAs), report on conformance and it easily scales to the demands of service provider networks.

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Publiziert: 22.09.08 | CA Deutschland GmbH / Susan Andersen

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