Higher Data Rates and Capacity, Lower Latency

Long-Term Evolution (LTE) for UMTS Operators

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Wireless operators are experiencing tremendous growth in demand for mobile data services. HSPA+ will improve the performance of existing networks, and help meet the mobile data demand in the future.

Wireless industry is rapidly moving toward the convergence of communications, computing and consumer platforms, as well as converged services across fixed and wireless networks. 3GPP is defining Long-Term Evolution (LTE), which allows UMTS operators to use new and wider spectrum (up to 20 MHz). LTE will support a variety of devices and new generation of consumer electronics with embedded modems. It enables interoperability and service continuity with existing UMTS networks.

LTE is a leading OFDMA-based, wireless mobile broadband technology supported by a new Evolved Packet Core (EPC) network. It is designed from the ground up to provide interoperability and service continuity with existing UMTS networks. LTE will allow UMTS operators to capitalize on their investments in UMTS/HSPA(+) and roll out LTE networks in phases.

It offers high spectral efficiency, low latency and high peak data rates (277 Mbps in the DL, 75 Mbps in the UL), and leverages HSPA/LTE multimode devices. LTE incorporates advanced antenna techniques like MIMO, SDMA and beamforming, among many others.

Table of content

  • LTE Leverages New and Wider Spectrum
  • LTE Complements HSPA+
  • High-Capacity Mobile Broadband
  • High Voice Capacity through VoIP
  • High User Data Rates for Better User Experience
  • OFDMA on the DL and SC-FDMA on the UL
  • Advanced Antenna Techniques
  • Enhanced Interference Control for Cell-Edge Performance
  • Single-Frequency Network Multicast Services
  • All-IP Packet-Optimized Network Architecture
  • Backward Interoperability and Leverage from a Large 3G Ecosystem

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