Reclaiming Data Center Real Estate

KVM and Remote Management Technologies

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To better control these devices, the KVM switch has evolved into a truly empowering tool for network administrators.

Many large companies do not realize the great pains that network administrators go through to maximize real estate in an enterprise-class data center. Space is costly and network administrators continually rely upon devices that help them do more with less.

One such tool to aid in this effort is the KVM (keyboard/video/mouse) switch that enables IT pros to easily and effectively manage servers and other network devices – within the data center or from remote locations. Data centers are continuing to expand.

Some are bursting to capacity as new devices are added, security measurements taken and infrastructures swelling to keep pace with the need for more complex applications and technologies.

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Publiziert: 22.09.08 | ATEN Infotech N.V. / ATEN International Co. Ltd.

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