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Enterprise Single Sign-On Best Practice Considerations

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Find out, how a single sign-on improves and accelerates the workflow of a company.

In many organizations, workers perform repetitious tasks throughout their day requiring interaction with multiple applications. This could involve looking up customer data in one application, inputting billing information into another or scheduling an appointment in yet another. While this segregation of systems has been considered inefficient, it was far from an insurmountable obstacle for business operations.

Enter security into the picture. Compliance regulations such as Sarbanes Oxley, HIPAA, and a host of others require organizations to secure sensitive data within applications. As a result, applications became front-ended by various secure login processes.

For a single application, each login might take only 10-15 seconds, but multiply that time by the number of applications the user needs to access and the number of times this task is repeated throughout the day and that which was once routine, had become burdensome.

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Publiziert: 22.09.08 | CA Deutschland GmbH / Michael Liou

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