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Connecting With Power over Ethernet (PoE)

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PoE has garnered major attention as a way to cut IT costs and enable greater convergence of services over the network.

Basically, PoE extends power from a Powered Source Equipment (PSE), such as a switch, to a Powered Device (PD), such as an IP phone, surveillance camera, wireless access point and other appliance. Because it can power a diverse range of devices over an Ethernet LAN cable, PoE provides flexibility, mobility and cost savings and is often a preferred option for small to medium-sized companies.

Today, businesses of all sizes are interested in using PoE to reduce the cost and hassle of connecting Power Devices to the corporate network. PoE has stimulated growth in the wireless market and has extensive application in industrial environments. PoE has inspired the creation of PoE capable devices such as video cameras, retail kiosks, point-of-sale devices, card scanners and more. To take advantage of its many uses and benefits, companies should ensure their IT infrastructure supports PoE. This can be accomplished easily by simply installing PoE capable switches.

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