Data De-duplication Methodologies

Comparing Byte-level To Block Level Data De-duplication

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There are four reasons, why byte-level data de-duplication is the better choice in a disk-based backup system.

There is a renewed focus on data de-duplication technologies recently as they are being utilized by products in the disk-based backup market. Data de-duplication enables disk to be a feasible long-term retention backup media - making it the same or lower cost than tape-based systems.

There are 2 primary methods of data de-duplication found in disk-based backup systems:
Byte-level de-duplication – compares versions of data over time and stores only the differences at the byte level
Block level de-duplication – reads blocks of data as it is written and stores only the unique blocks

This whitepaper discusses the four key reasons why ExaGrid’s byte-level data de-duplication outperforms in-line block-level data de-duplication in a disk-based backup system. It examines the following topics:

  • Shortest possible backup window
  • Instant restore capabilities
  • Content aware and optimized for your backup application
  • Scales to larger amounts of data and avoids hash table limitations
  • Conclusion: advantage - byte-level data de-duplication

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Publiziert: 22.09.08 | Exagrid Systems

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