Multi-Platform Data Protection

10 Steps to Managing Data Protection While Migrating to Open

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Multiplattform-Umgebungen aufrechterhalten ohne Daten zu verlieren.

Ten Steps to better Multi-Platform Data Protection

Companies looking to implement a data protection solution that works seamlessly across multiple platforms should consider the following guidelines:

  • Make sure that data protection is not looked at as an afterthought. While protecting long-existing platforms may seem like a well-oiled routine, Linux migrations can create new sets of challenges when it comes to protecting data. So do not deploy Linux first and then debate backup options later.
  • Don’t make the assumption that your existing backup and recovery products will work seamlessly in Linux environments. Also, running Linux as a backup client may prove problematic when dealing with data-intensive applications.
  • Look beyond IT when considering Linux migrations; look across your entire environment to determine whether Linux is a viable solution for remote sites as well as the datacenter.
  • Be sure your data protection solution supports your particular "flavor" of Linux. It is not a given that all global Linux distributions have widespread support.
  • Make sure your organization possesses the proper skill set to manage a Linux migration as well as support ongoing data protection requirements. Centralized administration that treats all data equal and does not require unique expertise is optimal.
  • Understand that true data protection is more than just backup and recovery. Be sure to take into consideration advanced functionality, including replication, snapshots, reporting, disaster recovery and business continuity.
  • Byte-level, real-time replication provides more granular protection while easing Linux server migrations.
  • Choose data protection solutions that are file-system independent so they’ll work seamlessly across all platforms.
  • Centralized management with a single point of control is essential for ensuring operational efficiencies while boosting staff productivity.
  • Focus on best-of-class data protection solutions that scale sufficiently to meet both current and emerging business requirements.

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