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Data Migration and Data Quality

25.12.10 - Informatica and Systems Integration Partner KVL Support Switch to SAP, and help ensure the business and IT have joint responsibility for project outcomes. lesen

The Root of All Evil

Rootkits Revealed

18.10.10 - Are rootkits the root of all evil, or just another threat? What you need to know about the rootkit threat. lesen

Higher Data Rates and Capacity, Lower Latency

Long-Term Evolution (LTE) for UMTS Operators

02.03.09 - Wireless operators are experiencing tremendous growth in demand for mobile data services. HSPA+ will improve the performance of existing networks, and help meet the mobile data demand in the future. lesen

Carrier and User Benefits

Release 7 HSPA+ For Mobile Broadband Evolution

02.03.09 - The new HSPA+ standard will increase data and voice capacity, allow rich services, and simplify fixed mobile convergence. Find out, why it is the best solution in 5 MHz. lesen

High-Performance Under Pressure

The Link Between IT and Business Performance

16.02.09 - What role should IT departments play to help high-performance businesses succeed in times of economic uncertainty? lesen

Best practices for the CIO and the CPO

A vision for teamwork an success

22.09.08 - The best practices outlined in this paper are intended to offer a good starting point for effective cooperation. lesen

The new discipline in storage industry

Information Lifecycle Management (ILM)

22.09.08 - According to researches the interest in ILM has heated up. But how does ILM work and what are the main advantages? lesen

MPLS in the Enterprise

Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS)

22.09.08 - This paper will explore the use of MPLS in an enterprise network and its associated benefits. lesen

Cisco Nexus 5000 and Emulex LP21000

A Fibre Channel over Ethernet Technology Overview

22.09.08 - Conveying LAN and SAN traffic on a single network by using FCoE technology. lesen

Data Center Technology

Key Building Blocks for Data Center Virtualization

22.09.08 - How IT managers ensure that future purchases of HBAs and intelligent appliances meet the requirements for the fully VDC. lesen