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It’s a question faced by governments of every size: how do you fund necessary programs while balancing the budget?

Of the available alternatives for generating revenue, from issuing bonds to collecting fees and interest, governments at any level arguably have most control over taxation. Beyond the question of what to tax and at what rate, the taxation issue is complicated by what’s called the “tax gap,” the difference between what individuals and organizations legally owe in taxes and what is actually reported.

Closing the gap is the responsibility of tax and revenue departments. These organizations ensure that taxes are administered in a fair and equitable manner, identify companies and individuals who are not in compliance, and collect revenue. To fulfill these requirements efficiently and effectively, tax and revenue departments must be able to accurately identify taxpayers, either individuals or businesses. In addition, they must be able to associate these taxpayers with reported revenue, estimated tax liability, payments made, and a host of other transactions. These requirements make reliable and accurate identity data matching fundamental to tax and revenue discovery and compliance systems. Accurate taxpayer information is also the responsibility of tax administration systems, which consolidate and validate new data in the tax system. Such systems rely on fast and accurate identity searching to minimize duplication entering the system.

Unfortunately, few tax and revenue departments have the resources to develop robust identity searching and matching - or “identity resolution” - capabilities, which require sophisticated tools and techniques.

This white paper will cover how Identity Resolution software can help governments solve the challenges that tax and revenue departments face and what they can do to effectively collect tax revenue through accurate identification of their taxpayers.

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